'bury, death'
@ südbalkon


’Südbalkon’ (conveyor bunk for art & culture in Wilhelmsburg) was founded in 2004 and it had to close up 2007 due to rent increases. The group understood this as a first sign for the 'upgrade' of wilhelmsburg, done by the internationale Bauausstellung (IBA).
It was said, that the funeral home next door wanted to rent the südbalkon-room as their new showroom.
So 'bury, death' was a first farewell. Drawn Magritte quotes, slideshow-loops and a huge collection of different spoons.

'südbalkon im öffentlichen raum'
@ 'kleiner saal'
Saalpresse, Bergsdorf 2022

south-balcony in public space

Resurrected as a fire barrel with door, windows and a balcony the 'südbalkon' continued its activities as a cultural meeting point on an garage-backyard next to the trashcans.

Another small room was found nearby and the 'südbalkon'group (friends of small events and smooth development) was proud to present bands and musicians&artists like deep space X, Uri Geller, Helgoland, Mojn Quadrat, Tulip, Amanda Francis and Paul Jones...just telling you the names of the last two months program. August 2010...we had to close due to rent increases forever.

'O.T. (antiba2)'
@ arbeitsstipendium
Slg Falckenberg, Harburg 2009

slG / Slg

Another group met 2006 under the name 'so lassen Gang' (here translated into 'as is Gang'). Their idea was basically to keep things in Wilhelmsburg as they are.
As a forum for the documentation of possible farewells and losses the 'slG' openend the website antiba.de with the 'walking casket' - sculpture as its logo

'O.T. (antiba2.0)', QRcode
@ 'suedart'
Friedrich Ebert Halle, Harburg 2022

Songs from no woods

So the woodprinted map of the river island Wilhelmsburg as a tree stump (2021) tries to combine all the thoughts from the past process and the fears from this ongoing city development process.
The sampler project 'songs from no woods' (with this woodprint as a possible cover) is still searching for sounds and music.




visuelle Kommunikation
HfbK, Hamburg

-1996    postgraduate studies
NYFA, New York
-1995    Kommunikationsdesign
HAW, Hamburg

rooms for art & culture

2007-11   südbalkon
2003-04   galerie_einer
2002-04  elektrohaus
1999-05  88, verein für kunst und kultur, e.V.


2005   galerie eimer
in the flood cellar
2004   ユートピア- utopisches konzept
mit nikole noack
2003   getrennt forschen / separated research
Sternwarte Bergedorf
1998   dehnbare realität / malleable reality
video program with eric schefter
1992   am anfang war der strich
film programs with petra schröder


2022   heterotopia disjuncture
lambeth, london
2022   südart
kunstleihe, Harburg
2022   kleiner saal
Saalpresse, Bergsdorf
2021   3tothefloor
Westwerk, Hamburg
2011   friends&lovers in underground
2009   arbeitsstipendium
Slg Falckenberg, Hamburg
2008   wir nennen es hamburg
Kunstverein, Hamburg
2007   bestatten,tod
Südbalkon, Hamburg
2006   tandem
Kunstverein, Muehlheim
2001   LN-magazin
Ellen Gronemeier, Hamburg
2000   taklamakan
Kochblock, Hamburg
1999   4tage dinA4 88, Hamburg
1994   schlimme filme
(mit andreas voss)
Pudel Club, Hamburg
1993   Zeichnungen
Galerie Topic, Prag
1992   am Anfang war der Strich
Inc., Hamburg


2000  Aufnahmen in der Nachbarschaft
recordings in the neighbourhood

CD, m. pectoralis major, Hamburg


2000  toilettes de musèe
Jimmy Draht Sampler
CD, Hausmusik, München
1999  der goldene frosch
golden Toast Quartett
Vinyl, Hausmusik, München

single works

'single puck' laburnum tree
reclaimed from destroyed gardens
wilhelmsburg, 2007/2019

workshop collaborations

reclaimed oak & stone
by rüdiger eckert, 2022


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